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Youth corps committee to carry out the single worker Mid-Autumn activity

來源:本站   更新日期:2015年10月08日 瀏覽次數:108

    Late on September 25, youth corps committee was held in the canteen of the Mid-Autumn festival party, "" single worker, everyone together, the celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival. Single worker blowing balloons themselves, ribbons hanging red lanterns, create a happy festival atmosphere.

    The company secretary of the party committee Huang Zhaohui comrades in the party and delivered a speech at the scene, the company each unit party branch secretary also came to the scene of the party. 30 celebration venue site hanging lantern riddle, soon will all be guessed. Various kinds of events unfold in front of everyone, passionate song, popular talk show, classic pantomime sketch and vocal mimicry, let the young friends present feast for the eyes, more let a person aftertaste endless. Various forms of interactive game, with the participation of leaders make the atmosphere more lively, everyone has always maintained a high enthusiasm, cheers. Youth corps committee, vice secretary of party in company pang PingPing comrade of a song are all where to "time" in the end of the song.

    Two hours of time, let yourself in a foreign land, single staff feel the warmth of home!