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2015 avenue of stars finals activity was held successfully

來源:本站   更新日期:2015年10月08日 瀏覽次數:126

    On September 29, 2015 avenue of stars finals held in company's office. Finale guests full, xiangyang city federation of trade unions, vice chairman of bud comrade, the production department minister comrades xiao-dong zhu and raoping county rich, vice President of federation of trade unions in the zone, the production department minister comrade Zhang Leming, high-tech zone civilization office director comrade xiao-jiang liu shinan park, hi-tech do trade union chairman comrade Li Daoxiang, vice chairman comrade Guo Guangfeng, aerospace, deputy party secretary, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman Gao Jian comrades, comrade liu, vice President of the union and corporate leaders are at home to the court, witness the players's performance. The game also pleasure in 2015 brought in 47 for the family day activity on behalf of the family members and more than two hundred excellent worker worker representatives.

    The finals are divided into "appearance", "skills", "talents", "talent show" four links, each link compact arrangement, interlocking, the players with their superb skills and a talent show to the finals again and again to a climax, won the audience bursts of laughter and cheers, applause is enduring. Finally, through comprehensive evaluation, jia dai li, xiao-fei li, BiDaLong three comrades awarded in 2015 "avenue of stars" the top three storage battery craftsman; Comrade Yuan Yuan, ZhuangChangYing, ruby chang three respectively. 2015 avenue of stars the top three measuring arm craftsman; Comrade song 23, QingBingBin, Zhang Huisan name the top three, respectively. 2015 avenue of stars team leader; Zhu Daozheng 2015 avenue of stars wear ring guinness book of world records award; Huang Baoan won the award for 2015 avenue of stars to drill the balloon guinness record.